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Thank you for visiting our website. You know how difficult it is to find great employees. It takes a lot of your time to interview one after the next and still not find a suitable candidate. If only you knew ahead of time what that candidate is really hoping for, and if that candidate could only know what you had to offer before you sat down together it would save you both a lot of “maybe we’ll call you…” or “If I had known more about this company I would not have come to an interview…”.  


Hence it is a time-saver to use an agency. Even still at most agencies, you have a sales representative who takes an order from a customer but passes it off to an order filler/recruiter. It can result in your needs being lost in translation between the rep and the recruiter who may simply send you the first person who says yes.


At A Better we do things a little differently than most agencies. With A Better your representative is also the one who actually takes the time to search for someone with the qualities you desire, leaving no detail forgotten. Building trust with you is critical to us. It matters that we get it right because it will ultimately help both of our companies to succeed.


Having one person really know the customer and then personally choose each candidate leads to a more like-minded, productive workforce. You will notice a more pleasant group of people that actually want to work for you and work well together. Some of these well-chosen workers can one day become pillars in your company. It all starts, though, by forming that solid foundation.


Keeping that consistent standard as we help you build your company can make your workday and your life so much easier. Give us a call at 502-452-1306 to find out how we might help you succeed!

Call us today and let our staffing specialists find a better employee for you.


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