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Temporary Employment Services for the Perfect Match

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Locally owned and operated A Better Industrial Employee is your go-to temporary employment company with an emphasis on temp-to-hire. We’ll take the time to get to know you, the prospective employee, and make a match with the perfect employer.


Since 1995, our goal has been to find out exactly what clients are looking for. We’ll do our homework and with due diligence match you accordingly to your desired position.


We'll match your needs to the employers' needs to make sure everyone gets what they're looking for; it’ll be a perfect transition for both.

A Better Industrial Employee spends a great deal of time getting to know our hiring clients, their company, their environment and their needs for an open position intimately. Likewise we get to know your skills, abilities, desires and your personality intimately.  


During your FREE consultation, we will determine your skills and the job you would best fit into, keeping in mind the prospective client's needs. Call 502-452-1306 to set up an appointment today.

Call us today and let our staffing specialists find the perfect match for you.